Friday, August 1, 2008

Stupid Cool Raiding Tricks - Kara Connection Part 2

Most of the remaining tips here come from other raid leaders within the SLACK Alliance. Without further ado, here are some more fun tricks and tips for Kara.

Single Tanking Kara
“But what about Joe?”
“What about Joe? If he’s not available I guess I’ll have to do it myself!!!!”

Its possible to run Kara trash with just one tank. The only boss that really requires two tanks is Moroes. (NOTE: K4 brought up a very good point... Netherspite will require either a second tank or a pally healer to pass by as well.) Now obviously you can do it with a Pally tank with ease. However for the warriors and druids in this world here’s a tip on how you can do it. Set one mob that would be Off Tanked as your focus. Set up a Macro to perform a certain agro holding ability on the Focus Target… so for instance
/clearfocus [modifier:shift][target=focus,dead][target=focus,noexists]
/focus [target=focus,noexists]
/cast [target=focus] Lacerate

Line 1 clears your focus if you hold shift and push the button, or if your focus is dead.
Line 2 sets your focus if you don’t have one to the mob you are clicked on.
Line 3 uses your ability of choice on the mob.

IceTombing the wrong guy
“I refuse to hit him… did you seen what he did to the priest last week????”

The guards outside of the Opera have always been a pain. To avoid deaths due to CC’d mobs, have a dps break the initial shackle with a small "love tap". These mobs tend to IceTomb right away after clearing the Shackle. This lets the tanks pick him up safely without having to worry about being Icetombed right away.

Curator’s Hall - the long mile
“God why does this hall have to be so dang long???”

The hall with the Curator patrolling in it is a MILE long. The first four or five pulls are fairly safe. However that last group can be a nightmare to pull given the sheer distance you have to pull them before you can safely DPS without fear from the Curator. To make it simpler for Druids you can pull using either Moonfire or Feral Faerie Fire and then use Kitty’s Sprint ability to get safely back to the hallway. For Warriors have a person stand by the hallway out and then Intervene to them. Saves tank deaths!!!

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf
“What are you doing?”
“Playing dead now quit talking to me or he’ll notice.”

Most people probably know this already, but it bears repeating. The following classes can escape being Little Red Riding Hood during the Big Bad Wolf Opera event. The trick is to use the ability listed and DON”T pop out of it till after effect wears off.

  • Hunters – Feign Death
  • Rogues – Vanish
  • Mages – Iceblock

Getting the Blues with Netherspite
“Hit him… and hit him HARD”
Netherspite is one of the most confusing fights for most people. Here are some quick tips on some tricks people have found with his fight.

The blue beam can be single tanked per phase with a warlock. That’s a very well known strategy. The warlock can use Drain Life the entire time and the healers only have to watch him closely. However have you ever thought of letting a warrior tank the Blue Beam? Not only can they soak the extra damage from the Blue beam, but their abilities get amped as well. The warrior can rapid fire TONs of abilities and at the end of the phase Toss out Executes. Can you say 32K executes? I knew you could. Rogues, Fury Warriors and other melee are also great secondary choices to tank the blue beam if you are a melee heavy group.

Thanks for this round of tips. As I gather more I’ll continue to post them here for everyone to use.