Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Humor in the "Itch"

Love it or hate it, Wrath of the Lich King is everywhere. Some people are dying to see it and would sell their first born child to get into the beta. Other people are just going to wait and see what's happening when it comes out. Regardless of your approach I wanted to share with you something.

Humor in Blizzards WoW has always been pervasive. Either verbal puns or plays on words just rule their quest lines. That and visual jokes have always been Blizzards forte. Anyone who doesn't agree obviously wasn't paying attention or just doesn't understand American pop culture.

You can rest assured that in the "Itch" that the humor is back. Without further ado, here's some of the fun ones I've found.

The D.E.H.T.A has some great puns. Who wouldn't want to slay this guy.... Just look at his name.
Of course look at this guy.... If I were wearing that someone would kill me too.
You know every hunter in the game is going to want this. Who wouldn't want their own GEHTA Blaster!!!!
I love the achievement system... its loaded with humor too. Click on the picture and look at the DEHTA achievement title.
Ok I stumbled on this one completely by accident. I didn't even see it when I was in the building proving you have to look everywhere. I took a screenshot of a fight I was doing and reviewing the screenshot I found this little gem. Have I told you I love you Blizzard???