Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Raiding Review: Kara Speed

We did Kara in a speed mode last night. I think it went fairly well. We had a few last minute cancellations, but we had some people swap around and filled all of our slots pretty easily. For anyone who has never done it, the goal of a speed run is to get in and out as fast as you can with all of the bosses dead.

I got to play back seat driver. As the raid organizer I am helping to train up a few of our new raid leaders. So my job is generally to sit down, shut up and just watch as things progress. Its rather like being a normal raider again with more whispering involved. For our speed runs we typically take 7-8 highly geared characters (basically T5 characters) and haul along 2-3 mid tier or starter Kara characters. It works out pretty nicely as we then aren't sharding EVERYTHING just most things.

We started close to 7:20 and proceeded to rip through the front half of Kara. By a little over an hour in we had Opera down and were ready to go to the back door. We've found from past experience that it takes less time to run out of the instance and in the back door than to kill the "money" mobs. So we skip the money mobs and go around back.

We had a little stumble on Nightbane due to some transition problems. Someone healed during the landing phase and that produced a ricochet effect through the raid of cleaves etc... so we did him again. The next time was just flawless. I of course got my DPS numbers thrown in the toilet for this section as I:

a) Off healed Nightbane
b) Hate the mobs near Curator and the library as half are immune to my bread and butter starfire spell and I KEEP FORGETTING!!!

I'm playing a boomkin at the moment by the way. Fortunately the Curator was really nice and for the first time in months dropped the Warrior/Priest/Druid token while I was there!! Ya!!!!! The entire raid ground to a halt in the next area right after the Curator... we had ONE physical DPS and that just mauled us in the Mana Worm section. Even our tanks were Pally tanks so no help there on the dps. Our hunter pulled us through though. Our mage was so proud though... he got a 434 damage crit with his melee DPS weapon!!! It takes little to amuse us obviously.

Moving on we rolled over the rest of the instance. We had one more hiccup on Prince with some bad bad timing and for the first time ever NO bad infernal drops!!! That's almost unheard of in our group. I mean we are famous for having the perfect kill going and then getting three or four just perfectly HORRID infernal drops. But in the end, we did it. 3 hours 28 minutes and every mob was dead. I got extremely lucky in there. I walked away with:

The T4 Druid Gloves
The T4 Druid Helm
Malefic Girdle

Its an awesome opportunity to be one of the "low" dps people on a run full of highly skilled individuals. Have I mentioned lately I have a full Bear tanking set, full Kitty DPS set, full Treedruid healing set and now an almost complete Boomkin DPS set. Yeah... hi my name is Star and I'm a one toon Altoholic!!!! Ok I have lots of other toons too, but hey my main is an altoholic too!!!!