Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wife, The Universe and Everything

Yes Douglas Adams will be sorely missed, but lets not get into him now....

I love my wife. Hell I wouldn't have married her if I didn't love her. We've had our share of ups and downs, but every married couple has. In the end, we are kind of an anomaly. OK it feels like we are an anomaly. We met in college under what has to be some of the worst circumstances conceivable. We got together. We broke up. We got together. One of us would freak out. The scenario continues..(Insert Random stupidity here) until we realized that one day we just couldn't live without the other one. I can't ever really see divorcing her.

So for years we've kind of balanced each other out. She's like the wind. She's free spirited. She floats in an optimists bubble hoping good things for the world, full of high energy and a loving spirit. I'm like the earth... I tend to ground people. People for whatever inexplicable reason like to come to me with their issues. I don't mind. Part philosopher, part poet... OK who am I kidding... I'm just a normal guy.

We have a lot of respect for one another. However one thing has always been important. Free time.... it took me a long time to get her there, but even after being married for 10 years I always stress that occasionally everyone needs alone time. So one day a week we ensure that the other person gets a night off. With three children its a necessity to maintain sanity. For my wife this typically means she's going out with one of her girl friends. For me, its typically one of my raid nights. On that night I'm free to head down stairs immediately after dinner (or before if I want to feed myself) and just prep for the raid, spend a little extra time farming etc. Its one of the ways I balance my time with WoW.

Now let me explain that my wife isn't a computer gaming person. What I mean by that is that she never really enjoyed playing video games. She's played a few, but mostly they amount to things like Sim City or adventure type games. Playing games as complex WoW weren't ever on her radar. One day after playing for about a year and a half, my wife decided she wanted me to show her this game. So she sat and watched me for a while. I mean I literally don't watch TV anymore. I find WoW way more interesting than some rehashed sitcom. Besides I can get an entire season worth of shows from NetFlix and then watch it in a day rather than tuning in for 40 minutes of commercials once a week.

Next it proceeded to let me create a character and play with it. So I had to delete a character. Yes... I Mr. Altoholic seized this opportunity and deleted one of my lowbie toons. She played for a bit off and on and never really got into it. So I figured it was over. Two months later the idea resurrected itself. So we started again. Only this time I cleared two slots for her. We got her cranking and eventually it turned into a problem. My time was being reduced for playing and I found I was hovering while she played. So after a little bit more gentle coaxing and some nice timing, I finally convinced her to get her own account and her own computer. To this day she never plays as much as me, but I've helped her, I've teamed up and she's attacked the game with the stubborn determination that she will some day reach lvl 70 and she wants to know what its like to raid. And she wants to do it well... I look forward to seeing her at 70. It should be fun.

Have I mentioned that I love my wife.... :P Love you honey!!!