Thursday, July 31, 2008

Stupid Cool Raiding Tricks - Kara Connection Part 1

So many times reality meets the road of strategy and we find that there's just something stupidly cool you can do. Stupid Cool Raiding tricks is my summary of tricks and tips that we've shared within our raiding alliance. This first in the series is three tricks that I've personally learned while leading our group in Kara. Later posts will concentrate on tricks that other guilds have shared with us.

AOE Tanking Druid Style
"Pally's.... we don't need no stinking Pally's"

This is a trick that I developed while tanking. We had grown complacent in Kara and we always had a pally tank. Our pally tank at the time burned out and the AOE packs in Kara just started eating us alive. We'd lose a good 20-30 minutes of play time rezzing and rebuffing people just to the AOE packs. Over time I worked on a ton of different techniques, but the one that worked best is what I use for AOE tanking. This requires a Druid tank in their tanking gear. This also requires healers who can watch you very closely.

Step 1: Line up your tanking position. Know exactly where you are taking the mobs. You will be in caster form for this.
Step 2: Pull the mobs using a Starfire and run back to the tanking spot.
Step 3: Pop Barkskin, then launch a Hurricane AOE centered on yourself or where a majority of the mobs.
Step 4: Channel the hurricane most of the way down and then pop bear form.

"Ice Tomb? What Ice Tomb? These guys cast Ice Tomb?"

Perhaps one of the most annoying mobs in the first half of Kara are the guards right outside of the Opera. Not only do they hit like a ton of bricks, but they freeze the tank and swap to the second agro target. This makes it almost impossible to tank both at once. So one almost always needs to be CC'd. The following technique can be used to avoid the Ice Tomb all together. It does require a shaman. If you have two shaman, you could in theory tank both mobs at once and avoid the need for CC. We learned this from one of our raiders who happens to be a QA tester for software. His mind tends to periodically just do weird things and tested this out.

Step 1: Put your tanks and the Shaman(s) in the same raid group.
Step 2: Ensure the shaman puts down a grounding totem.
Step 3: Pull the Opera guards. CC one if need be.
Step 4: Kill as normal. Note the Grounding Totem will eat the Ice Tomb.

If you time it right you shouldn't ever have to worry about the Ice Tomb again.

Fun With Pillars - Peekaboo... can't see you
"You mean to tell me, he can't see you if you back up a half an inch? You're kidding me right?"

OK most people probably do this, but it bears repeating for those people who haven't ever been in Kara before. As you look at Moroes in his room, there are two tables of AOE packs that have to be pulled after you clear the first table. To make them group up properly for AOE it can be a challenge. However directly behind you are two pillars. You wouldn't think they can help you, but there is a way to use them to group up the AOE. If you stick your tank in the corner behind the pillar the mobs will run around to your tank. Its a tiny corner, but it works... don't ask me why or how. The trick is you must follow some simple steps for survival.

Step 1: NOBODY TOUCH ANYTHING. Don't pop trinkets.. Don't shoot the mobs. Don't do anything till the tank has control.
Step 1a: Its possible if you have one available to cast Prayer of Mending on the tank.
Step 2: The tank pulls.
Step 3: The tank runs back around the little corner on the pillar. Use the right pillar for the right table. Use the left Pillar for the left table.
Step 4: Wait for every mob to run to you and then leverage your favorite AOE tanking technique.

You can expect some more tips and tricks moving forward. Have a great time in Kara folks.