Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Raid leaders are human too!!!

Raid leaders are usually vaunted as a position that almost has god like powers in some people's view. However... to err is human... to really screw it up... takes a raid leader.... inspired by Matticus's post, here's my top errors I've made as a raid leader. This of course is just to prove that we are people too and not above error and a good laugh.

Laundry List of All time Screw ups while raid leading:
  • Battle rezzed another player during Shade of Aran's Flamewreath... then I proceeded to MOVE through the damned stuff insta killing the person I just rezzed as well as half the raid.
  • Fought the first THREE bosses in Karazhan in DPS Kitty gear while tanking. I believe the words went.... "Oops I'm still wearing my DPS gear... sorry Healers..." Followed immediately by, "I wondered what the hell was going on... you were taking a hell of a beating today compared to normal."
  • Brought my HORRIFICALLY undergeared hunter into KZ solely based on the DPS I could do. I believe I had 6500 hp FULLY RAID BUFFED. To this day I haven't lived down the 8 deaths I got on the way to Attumen. The raid had to summon me back TWICE that night based on my repair bill. Rule #1.... your dps drops to ZERO when your dead.
  • Accidentally started to battle rez someone during the Prince fight in KZ while tanking. (Squish dead.) "What happened to you? " "No idea what happened there.... no idea.."
  • On the ledge immediately following Shade of Aran right outside of the room with all of the Shades and Sorcerous Shades I lectured the raid about not backing up too far and falling over the railing.... I immediately backed up in bear form fell over the ledge to my death.... it took a good 20 minutes of hard laughing before the raid was able to compose themselves.
  • While on a run back to repair at the front gate, I did a spectacular jump from the upper level in the Opera... realizing a half second later that this was night one and not night two... the Audience was still sitting in the Opera... and they weren't impressed with our earlier performance.
  • While playing my hunter in the Opera event, I made the mistake of tab targeting and popped off a multi shot into the Audience.... who promptly ran in and ate the ENTIRE raid.
  • Forgot to watch my healers mana, and pulled when they were OOM. This immediately lead to a wipe.
  • Didn't bother reading raid chat, missed that my OT went AFK to get a drink pulled a large pack of mobs promptly wiped the entire raid.

Remember your raid leaders are very knowledgeable people, but to be perfectly honest we are human too. Never put them up on a pedestal so high that they can never live up to it. Plus hey... save that ammo to poke fun at them and lighten the mood.